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I started running my freshman year of high school in the year 2000 when I joined the track team (I was cut from Golf and Soccer but track takes everyone). I competed in track and cross country throughout high school and always did better when our cross country meets were on hilly trail courses. I moved onto trail running in college after joining a group of local Phoenix trail runners on a few low key running races. I was hooked and soon moved up to my first ultra in September of 2005. As soon as I was hooked on ultras I heard about The Hardrock 100 and was instantly drawn to the race. I’m now setting my sights on completing the “Slam of the Damned” in 2015 comprised of the HURT 100, Barkley Marathons, Hardrock 100 and Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc.  I’ve run over 60 ultra marathons over the past 9 years.

Race plans for 2015
HURT 100
Barkley Marathons
Hardrock 100
Tushars 93K
Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc

What does “Run Steep Get High” mean to you?
Run Steep Get High to me means getting out there and pushing my limits. It is an extension of the type of running I enjoy most – steep and high altitude. There is something about being way up above tree line on a steep line that gets my blood pumping and makes me feel most alive.

How did you get into running?
I really just wanted to participate in a high school sport and they let anyone who wants to compete in running. I soon found a sick joy in running so hard that I would puke after almost all of my track meets (effort + terrible diet). I was fascinated by the pain and high I felt during and after running and always dreamed of improvement.

What drives you to compete in running?

I really enjoy getting out into nature and running fast. Grunting up a big climb and flying down the other side gives me a lot of joy. I like exploring and running is a great means to see a lot of terrain over a relatively short period of time (compared to my days backpacking).

What is your favorite race?
My favorite races are the Hardrock 100 and Barkley Marathons. Hardrock for the sheer beauty and Barkley for the immense challenge.

What is your most epic running experience?
My most epic running experience was my Fun Run finish of the 2014 Barkley Marathons. I was completely spent after completing 2 loops of the course in just under 24 hours after enduring hours of rain, mud and snow. I wasn’t sure my body could physically go much further, but my mind pushed me on to finish an entire 3rd loop under the 40 hour cutoff.

What is your favorite trail or place to run?
I love running almost anywhere, but I really enjoy the trails above Flagstaff, Arizona and Silverton, Colorado.

How has running impacted your life?
Running has been hugely impactful on my life, so much so that I now pursue it professionally with my event promotion company, Aravaipa Running. Running gives me great satisfaction and allows me to explore the world in a way that is fun and rewarding.

Favorite beer or other non-running indulgence?
I’ve really been enjoying IPA’s lately and would have to say the Myrcenary Double IPA from Odell Brewing is one of my favorites.

What are your other hobbies?
Running definitely takes up a majority of my time, but I enjoy camping and backpacking when I get a chance. I also love creating new things whether they be events or putting other new concepts into action.

What is your profession?
I am own Aravaipa Running where I organize running events year round.

Top running performances (personal bests) or recent race results?
I have a handful of ultra wins and podiums, but some of my most rewarding races include:
-2015 Barkley Marathons – finishing 4 loops in 56 hours & last man standing.
-2013 Hardrock 100 where I came back from 109th place at mile 42 to finish 14th place after 6 hours of down time.
-2014 Barkley Fun Run finish in just under 40 hours
-My 100 mile PR is 17h09m at the 2010 Rocky Raccoon 100
-Finishing the 2008 MMD50K in almost 20 hours

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